Alimony Reform Fails Again

For the second time in three years, alimony reform has failed in Florida – and this time the Governor pointed to special interest add-ons as the reason for the failure.In a letter explaining the reason for his veto of Senate Bill 668 (which had passed both the...

The New Alimony Bill is Dead for Now

The new Alimony Bill that was in the current legislature has met an untimely death due to the end of the session. On April 24, 2015, the Florida House passed their own version of the bill and the Florida Senate refused to take up the House’s version. Then...

Can My Case be Appealed?

There is typically one of two avenues by which to appeal a final judgment or non-final order. The first is to complain there was a misapplication of the law by the judge (also known as an error of law). The second is to make the argument that the record did not reveal...



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