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Case management conferences in hillsborough county

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The judges in Hillsborough County keep a watchful eye on every case filed in the family law division. Upon each case being filed, the clerk automatically sets a case management conference in front of the Judge approximately 90 days after the date of filing. The court signs an order requiring the parties and attorneys to attend. The order sets out steps the parties must complete by the conference date, including the exchange of financial affidavits and mandatory disclosure documents, filing of child support guidelines, and attendance and completion of a parenting course. It is also better practice to have scheduled or completed a mediation by the time of the case management. Attendance at the conference can be excused by court order. At the conference, generally the parties will not testify, but the attorneys and court will discuss the progress of the case, and the Judge will either set another case management conference or a pertrial conference and trial.

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