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Confronting divorce can be a daunting, life-altering experience wrought with emotional and intellectual pitfalls which can severely impact families.  Tampa divorce lawyer Theodore ‘Ted’ Rechel and the Florida family law attorneys at Rechel & Associates, P.A., strive to ensure that you do not become lost in the divorce process.

How We Help You Manage Your Divorce

At Rechel and Associates, our intrinsic knowledge and understanding of Florida family and divorce law allows us to devise a comprehensive strategy to achieve desired results in divorce cases. Our extensive experience in appeals means that if somehow the initial battle is not a success, there may still be hope to win the war. In all of this, we find it imperative to dive deep into your personal experience, to understand what makes you tick, to fully comprehend the issues from your point of view so that we may put you in the best position possible to achieve your goals.

Our personalized divorce services include guidance through the development of parenting plans and time-sharing schedules for your children, implementation of equitable division of assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage, and the resolution of alimony and child support issues, and any other unique aspect of your divorce needs.

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Knowing When to File for Divorce in Florida

Knowing when to expedite and when to hold off filing for divorce can make the difference between gaining the upper hand and losing the edge. Ultimately, the decision as to when to file for divorce depends on the situation, the length of the marriage, the circumstances surrounding the children, and the desired outcome.

For example, the difference between a 16 and 17-year marriage can be the deciding factor of whether alimony is permanent or not. Similar conflicts of interest can be noted throughout Florida law deeming it essential to speak with an experienced Florida divorce attorney to discuss case-specific details and decide whether filing first would be advantageous.

Keeping Divorce Private in Tampa Bay

Privacy can and should be of the utmost importance for divorcing parties around Tampa, Florida. Unfortunately, traditional divorce litigation requires parties to work through divorce issues publicly, in the public record, and perhaps in front of a judge. These proceedings leave items such as financial affidavits in the public records, exposing intimate details about personal lives and livelihoods for all to see.

If privacy is your concern, our attorneys at Rechel & Associates, P.A., can guide you through the process of collaborative divorce, which allows for the dissolution of marriages to occur without exposing private matters. During successful collaborative divorce cases, contested court appearances before a judge are not necessary and a financial affidavit may not need to be filed. This means that matters are resolved privately, without introducing evidence or witnesses to the court and the “court” of public opinion.

Taking the First Steps to Divorce

Fundamentally, the first step to the dissolution of marriage in Florida is preparation, which should occur before the filing process even begins.

Consider the following strategies that will put you in the best position for a divorce in Florida:

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Chart the course and proceed accordingly. The divorce process can be very disruptive so it is important to plan ahead and have a good idea of the desired outcome and the best way to achieve that outcome. The attorneys at Rechel and Associates, P.A. have over 70 years of combined Florida family law and divorce experience including child custody, domestic violence issues, divorce appeals, alimony, child support, and collaborative divorce. Rechel’s keen understanding of Florida family and divorce law coupled with his innate ability to get to the bottom of personal issues allows him to construct plans that achieve personal goals to maximize the chances of a favorable result.

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