We Will Help You Through Your Divorce

It is hard to always know where life is going to go, and divorce is a perfect example of that sentiment. Divorce can be a turning point in many people’s lives; however, you may find yourself in a much better situation once the process is complete.

At Rechel & Associates, P.A., we have helped people in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida navigate through these challenging times. We will use our experience to be a compassionate advocate for you and help you understand your options. Whether your divorce is a contentious affair or amicable on both sides, we will build you a strong legal case that reflects your needs.

Getting A Divorce Can Be A Tough Process

We take the time to fully understand the ins and outs of your divorce because our number one priority is doing what is best for you. A divorce comprises many different aspects that vary based on your marriage and life situation.

In order to get a divorce in Florida, one side must prove that the marriage is irretrievably broken and there is no chance for reconciliation. However, proving that the marriage no longer works can be relatively simple and usually both sides agree. If that is not the case, our firm will use our arsenal of experience in both divorce and family law and work to build you the strongest case for divorce possible.

When going through a divorce, there are other legal questions that need to be considered. We want to ensure that your legal and personal needs and interests are met. Our attorneys can help you resolve issues, such as:

Our lawyers will provide you with seasoned counseling and guidance through all aspects of your divorce.

Give Us A Call To Start Your Divorce Proceedings

With our legal guidance your divorce can be a fresh start. Give us a call today at 813-931-8111 or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation. We help families located in the Tampa metro area.

*Ms. Todd offers a free one-hour consultation. Mr. Rechel’s one-hour consultation fee is $400.