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What main factors do courts consider in custody matters?

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As part of your divorce from your current spouse, you have to turn your attention to understanding how child custody works in Florida. You cannot say with 100% certainty whether the judge sides with you regarding your desires for custody of your son or daughter.

North American Investigations has insights that can prove helpful. Understand how courts make their decisions on child custody matters.

The child’s relationship quality

Expect the judge to examine the relationship your child has with you and the other parent. It may be that your son or daughter gets along better with you or your ex-spouse, or that one of you has a lifestyle that allows for more time spent and attention given to your child.

The child’s preference 

Depending on your son or daughter’s age, she or he may be old enough to voice an opinion about which parent to live with. Either the judge sits down and talks with your child or a custody evaluator may speak with your son or daughter to get a sense of how he or she feels about the matter.

The psychological and physical health of the parents

Courts also think about the parents’ mental and emotional health for custody matters. The other parent may have a poor temperament for children, which could sway things in your favor. On the other hand, it could be that you or the other parent is not in the best of health, which could result in a physical inability to take proper care of a child.

The parents’ work schedules 

Touching back on lifestyle, do you have a job that gives you the time and focus necessary to tend to your child’s needs? Expect the court to ask about how much time your job leaves you with not just to spend with your child, but also to help tend to her or his developmental and emotional needs.

No matter your circumstances, do yourself a favor and team up with an attorney for all child custody matters. The right legal insight and experience can make a world of difference in your case.

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